Vaska Emanouilova Gallery

Vaska Emanouilova Gallery is a museum centre and exhibition space for contemporary art and young artists. Its mission is to expand the knowledge and access to art and culture by working towards the preservation and rationalisation of the historical heritage and the implementation of a bridge between the generations. In addition to the permanent exhibition of works by Vaska Emanouilova, the gallery maintains three programmes, within which temporary exhibitions are displayed. The museum programme is connected with the sculptress’ donation and the archive of the gallery. The programme features exhibitions of historic artists in Bulgarian art, and includes the conducting of research and realisation of publications. The programme contributes to the continuous update of the archive, which has kept documents about the personality and work of Vaska Emanouilova and the history of the Bulgarian visual arts since 2007. The main exhibition activities of Vaska Emanouilova gallery are connected with two programmes for contemporary art, which show the current trends and topics in the work of mostly young artists.