Platforma started in 2011 as an independent artistic and curatorial project space and with a self-constructed exhibitions program. Platforma is interested in: interdisciplinary strategies and methods of collaboration, social and political activism, visual anthropology, the relationship between art and research. Their program combines exhibitions (main media: video, film, photography, text, installations, and drawings), workshops and conferences (with an interdisciplinary target, from the arts, social sciences, cultural studies, urban research), film projections, performances, experimental sound and music performances, open studio work periods etc.  Platforma is a project coordinated by artists, who aims at working with the best of both worlds – of artist-run galleries and of the contemporary art museum. Their aim to use the experimental, informal aspects of our project space to promote young artists and interdisciplinary or community collaborations, to contribute to the all too necessary formation of a larger audience for contemporary art on the Romanian art scene and to the formation of an active interdisciplinary community. We also assume an educational mission, through workshop, debates, informal education structures.