Open Arts Foundation

The Open Arts Foundation was founded in Plovdiv, in 2007, by Katrin and Vesselina Sarievi. Before that (2005-6), the Open Arts Foundation existed as a platform for non-commercial culture of the Sariev Gallery, developing such projects as the Plovdiv Night of Museums and Galleries (the foundation’s largest undertaking). In March 2010, the Open Arts Foundation opened its own office in 36 Otets Paisiy St., in close proximity to the Sariev Gallery and the artnewscafé.Today Open Arts is one of three organizations of its creators with Sariev Contemporary and artnewscafe, working for sustainable development and creation of models and practices to support the Bulgarian modern culture. The activities and projects of Open Arts Foundation have wide recognition, they have a number of awards and many followers. Open Arts Foundation’s activities for the past seven years has been described as one of the important factors for the development and activation of the contemporary cultural life of the city.