LETO Gallery

Founded by Marta Kolakowska, the LETO Gallery was offi­cially laun­ched in June 2007 in Warsaw, Poland. Since then, the gal­lery has presented over 45 group and solo exhi­bi­tions. Gallery program is international and interdisciplinary. It consist of variety of events, exhibitions, live acts and editions. The gallery represents important Polish artists, both already well established and emerging ones. It plays significant role in Polish art scene, being not only market-oriented, but working also as quasi-institutional art space. It includes com­plex cura­to­rial care and promotion of unique art practices and creative minds working on the edges of visual arts and music. LETO Gallery effec­ti­vely show­ca­ses the phe­no­mena of contemporary art and multimedia, bringing local activities into the broader, inter­na­tio­nal art scene. In May 2011 LETO has moved to SoHo Factory District (Warsaw-Grochow), new meeting spot for art, design, architecture, theater and music. While establishing its own position on Warsaw art scene, the Gallery also works with its neighbors on multi-disciplinary, collaborative art space.