Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art

CSW ŁAŹNIA as its primary objective aims at the presentation and dissemination of the universal values of contemporary art as part of the world’s cultural heritage. Our mission is to present the latest artistic phenomena in their process of transformation, to respond to the cultural and civilizational phenomena of the modern world – while at the same time to educate within this scope through the use of new media and technologies. The goals of the institution are realized through the organization of exhibitions, performances, interventions in public space, workshops, scientific conferences, lectures, concerts and film screenings, as well as through publishing, international exchanges, artistic residences and innovative educational programs. The most important issues present in the CCA LAZNIA program include diverse and multi-faceted combinations of art and science, the phenomenon of art modifying urban tissue, experimental music and films, video art, artistic events at the junction of disciplines, and cooperation to benefit local communities.