Kuma International

Kuma International is dedicated to visual arts and aesthetics in the aftermath of war and violence, war memories, trauma and identity from post-conflict societies, focusing mainly on Bosnia-Herzegovina and former Yugoslavia. Our original approach is the intersection between academic research and a concrete platform for exhibition projects and community engagement which creates a unique synergy between researchers, academics, curators and visual artists on one side and the local community on the other. Kuma International is based on the idea of creating a safe environment for production and discussion, in which artists, researchers and members of the local community can connect and reflect on the role of art produced in the context of conflict and trauma. Kuma has a particular focus on the Bosnian diaspora. It gives the opportunity to all Bosnian artists scattered around the world to gather in Sarajevo and to be supported in their artistic projects. With a multidisciplinary perspective and interdisciplinary approach, Kuma provides a platform to facilitate the development and production of socially engaged art projects from post-conflict societies. At the same time, it offers a forum for direct exchange between professionals from the region and abroad, as well as a point of interaction with local communities.