Harabel is a Contemporary Art Platform that focuses on the promotion of public art and the creation of an open archive of artists’ portfolio in Albania. Born out of the necessity to make contemporary art a commonwealth, free and accessible to all, Harabel opens in 2018 in ish-Blloku, an area situated in the heart of Tirana; inaccessible to citizens during communism, this area is today the most vibrant and young of the capital. Harabel aims to become a catalyzer of urban interventions and indoor reflections, by offering an interdisciplinary space for experimentation and research. Harabel has a sustainable collaboration with contemporary artists, alongside researchers, curators, architects, sociologists, publishers, scientists and other professionals, with the intention to involve the city in its diverse social and educational aspects. Harabel was founded by cultural promoter Ajola Xoxa and artist Driant Zeneli.