Foundation for contemporary art and media

Foundation for contemporary art and media is founded in February 2016, Foundation for contemporary art and media is a non-profit organisation run by Martina Yordanova, Galya Krumova and Petya Krumova. Its Headquarter is based in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. The Foundation’s missions are to both support the cultural and creative sector, and to convey the context in which artworks and the general public can meet. The organisation brings together actions that are initiated by the board of directors to promote the creation of contemporary art: exhibitions, artists presentations, multicultural projects, publications, art promotion and education towards communities. Foundation for contemporary art and media will produce two to three exhibitions a year on different venues in the city of Sofia, including a collective show or art in public spaces. Its program particularly focuses on solo exhibitions, which give international artists the opportunity to produce new projects and new artworks. The Foundation’s art policy recurrently explores questions relevant to contemporary art, architecture and urbanity. It aims to promote the circulation of cultural and creative works and the mobility of cultural and creative players, in particular of artists, transnationally.