Ferdinand Baumann Gallery

Ferdinand Baumann Gallery was established in 2010 as yet another attempt at adopting shop windows for exhibition purposes. In the course of it’s four-year history it has expanded into another unusually elongated shop window and later also added a glass cube to become a fully-fledged exhibition space. Ferdinand Baumann Gallery is focused on young artists, but not exclusively. Established authors such as Jiří Surůvka, Václav Stratil, Vladimír Havlík, Petr Písařík or Vladimir Skrepl have all made their appearance. Among the younger generation it combines well established names such as Lenka Vítková, Radek Brousil or Václav Girsa with the lesser known ones that are only now becoming visible, for example Greame McKinnon, Tomáš Roubal, Romana Drdová and many others. The gallery opens its exhibition space also to artists from abroad, especially from the German speaking countries, for example Carola Ernst, Stephan Kaminski or Ludwig Kittinger and collaborates with Berlin platform Month of Performance Art Berlin, namely at the last Performance festival, which is annually organised by the gallery.