Dawid Radziszewski Gallery

Dawid Radziszewski Gallery was established in 2013. Gallerist Dawid Radziszewski is an art historian, independent curator, and the former owner-organizer of the Poznań-based independent art space Pies (Dog). Radziszewski and the majority of the represented artists are from the same generation: All born in the mid-1980s. He has worked with these artists long before the foundation of the gallery, often during the foundational studies of the artists. During the recent past, the gallery has expanded its focus to include programs devoted to forgotten aesthetics of the past, namely Polish plastic art of the 1960s and 70s, and select phenomena from the peripheries of contemporary art including television, artistic textiles, and graphic design. This interest has grown to encompass research into the Polish new age movement and Polish hippie scene—not as cool as the United States’ scene yet nevertheless quite exotic. In addition to their work with the gallery, many of the represented artists work in music and have been at some point affiliated with various important sound-based events, including the most important contemporary music festival in central Europe—Warsaw Autumn Festival.