Centre for Contemporary Art (KSA:K)

The Centre for Contemporary Art (KSA:K) was founded to promote contemporary visual arts in Moldova. It aims to link the local cultural tradition with the processes of contemporary art in the world. The KSA:K is supported by the Soros Foundation, Moldova. The Centre’s mission is to contribute to the recognition of the contemporary art practices in the Republic of Moldova by “the encouragement of the new forms of artistic and cultural expression that would reflect the dynamics of the social, political and economical transformations of the country” (www.art.md). The Centre emphasizes on supporting a new generation of socially active artists, capable of questioning the legitimacy of the official cultural policy, with its inheritance of the totalitarian past. It organizes courses, workshops and presentations  to promote contemporary audiovisual video arts. The KSA:K is also supervising an extensive video archive for national and international video art as well as a database with information about artists in Moldova and a library with catalogues, periodicals and studies in history and art critics.