BWA Warszawa

BWA Warszawa was founded in 2011. Its current location in central Warsaw is set right at the heart of MDM – one of the city’s first major postwar developments. The name of the gallery makes reference to the social realist concept of that era, which sought to cover the Polish map with a network of exhibition spaces known as Biuro Wystaw Artystycznych (Bureau of Artistic Exhibitions). The contemporary adaptation of the name is a subversive nod towards a time when art was an essential element of the regime’s utopian social programme. We’re not setting out to hold up these utopian ideals, but we strive to incorporate this concept objectively into the way we consider art. The gallery’s programme is a direct reflection of our views, so themes that deal with pacifism, ecology, feminism and civil rights are highly visible. The art we exhibit is a reaction to the issues plaguing today’s world in real time. Alongside BWA’s ongoing programme of the most intriguing pieces from Polish artists of the young and middle generations, we also present works of art by international artists in cooperation with our partners across the globe. The gallery regularly takes part in local initiatives to promote gallery culture among the general public, including Warsaw Gallery Weekend (ING Best Artist Prize for Agnieszka Brzeżańska) and Friend of A Friend, and international art fairs, including NADA Miami Beach, Art Brussels (Discovery Prize 2016), ARCO Lisbon (Opening Section Prize 2018), Artissima Torino).