Brno House of Arts

House of Arts Brno is a city gallery designed to present temporary exhibitions of contemporary visual culture. It acquaints the general public with art that is extraordinary in its results, uncompromising in its inner search and able to grasp profoundly significant and often complicated topics that appeal to present-day audiences. The activities of the House of Arts are based on the creative efforts of professionally educated employees who view their work as their mission and are devoted with extraordinary personal commitment. The democratic, non-manipulative approach to artistic creation and the resulting respect for the creative, artistic act is a necessary condition. House of Arts Brno runs two exhibition buildings, each with a different programme concept, but complementary to one another.The exhibitions in the main building on Malinovského Square are mainly dedicated to outstanding contemporary artists whose activity is related with the local cultural environment, to projects introducing contemporary culture manifestations of international importance, and to presentations documenting the continuity of modern culture in Brno, of which the House of Arts has constituted an integral part for more than 110 years.