Zsolt Asztalos

The art of Zsolt Asztalos is more than a cultural entity integrated into the whole of society. His art is not an alienated form of activity, but Man himself. His relationship with the unspeakable is entirely personal, which, hidden in his works, he shares with his audience. His sensitivity, and his belief that he undertakes openly, paradoxically tempts to sin, to envy. His spiritual sensitivity, and his technical skill in visualizing it, are enviable. In his works, he often co-operates with the engineers of our technicized society; thus, by using the means of our age, he creates tentative answers to constant philosophical questions. Past and present, life and death, family ties, our emotions. Asztalos casts his vote for the real man, who is more than the target of ravaging wars, economic and political expansions: Man is the World itself. His works reveal almost all methods of contemporary art, but no matter what type of medium he exhibits, the goal is always to create an integrated picture along the lines of his specific intellectual and spiritual sensitivity.