Zsófia Keresztes

Zsófia Keresztes received her masters degree on painting at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, but she is primarily known for her characteristic, mostly paper-based installations and sculptures. Her colorful, spontaneous and ironic art is mainly related to the concepts of the Post-Internet and Trash Art. Namely, she transforms the toolset of Internet subcultures and areas of high-tech into art via often used materials, wrapping paper and cardboard boxes. Her work is sharply characterized by the horroristic and humorous deconstruction of the body, the biological existence, recently blended with a set of motives created by the new digital media. Her sculptures and installations are organic shapes, which seem to be continuously moving and changing, just like the unceasing updates to operating systems and mobile applications. One of her favorite subjects, for example, an amorphous azure spatial formation, which is a virtual body and a spectacle behind a screen at the same time, is manifested in three dimensions, diffluent, flowing in the physical space.