Szilvia Bolla

Szilvia Bolla was born in 1992 she lives and works in Budapest, Hungary. She recently graduated with First Class Honours at BA Fine Art Photography course at Camberwell College of Arts, London. Since 2014, she has exhibited in Hungary, Italy and the United Kingdom. Within her practice she explores the flux of photographic images between virtual and physical environments to challenge perception, colour, substance and space. Researching the ever progressing photographic translation of the external world from the obscure process-based to mainstream artefacts, her focus is on the fluid transmission of images between different realities. She attempts to deconstruct both the digital and chemical nature of photography driven by the curiosity to understand, also to provoke preconceptions and mistranslations of the contemporary photographic image. Expanding its physical qualities through printing processes and the nature of their components from light sensitive paper to digital bitmaps, her work oscillates between 2d image and 3d object, flat rectangle, animated form and compositional play of fragments.

More recently she creates tridimensional photo-objects made up of clear perspex in conjunction with vaporised colour photograms activated by dynamic installation strategies that open onto a play with the material and immaterial, the visible and invisible, object and image. Her work offers an escape from bi-dimensional, wall based photographic conventions to launch the viewer into the multidimensionality of the medium with an expanded, intuitive and positive approach.