Štefan Papčo

Štefan Papčo was born in 1983 in Ružomberok. The objective behind sculptural spatial experiments is to investigate land as a bearer of potential to describe long-term development of a society bound to a specific place. Events and changes associated with the approach to the land and its utilization give us a report on the spirit of the era in chosen time periods. His aims are the contemporary forms of use of alpine landscape, primarily the mountain climbers’ community well known for their readiness to willingly enter bordering life-threatening situation. Thanks to this fact, we can think of climbing society as worth a long term observation. He confront and review the forms of landscape use with the lands history for the past ages. The space illustration of extreme situations and settings from the mountain climbing environment offers the possibility to grasp the space as a text predetermined for recording of important elements in contemporary development of the society that uses the outdoor space. The strategy of typological investigation of the mounting climbing environment is based on formal minimalization of existential experiences, the process interventions and an active climbing experience.