Radovan Čerevka

Radovan Čerevka was born in 1982, Košice, Slovakia. He is graduated from The Technical University of Košice and during his studies participated in the Academy of Fine Arts, Prague. Čerevka completed his PhD studies in the Department of Intermedia and Multimedia at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava. Radovan Čerevka belongs to the first generation of graduates from the Atelier of 3D Free Creativity with professor Juraj Bartusz at the Faculty of Arts, Technical University in Košice. Čerevka’s practice is characterized by conceptual work with mass media, especially in the context of the international political, economic and humanitarian evetnts mediated by the news channels. He is interested in the power of truth, globally spread and locally accepted, with work that integrates aspects of activism and his own civic engagement. His recent topics included terrorist and military actions like the attack on Fallujah, the Beslan school attack, underground smugglilng in Gaza and a general interrest in the political situation in Iran and Chechnya. He is a member of the group Kassaboys.