Pavla Sceranková

Pavla Sceranková was born in1980. She has introduced a new artistic language and expression in the field of sculptural and object art; a new concept to continue the powerful legacy of the postmodern as well as neo-conceptual spatial art. She creates sculptural objects and installations characteristic for their minimalist purity and sensitive relation to the given place. Another aspect of her works consists in the creation of objects with the element of action challenging the spectators to interact. However, it is more frequent for these objects to have the form of a video, or rather a video sculpture on the borderline between performance, animated sculpture and an autonomous video. They express the existential relation of man to the environment in which he lives and which he is confronted with. As to the level of content, Pavla Sceranková intensively deals with the reflection of human perception, memory and individual experience of the surrounding world. Taking personal experience for a basis, she examines the way in which the experience has been retained in memory, respectively what form it has taken. The artist thematizes the phenomenon of perception, the experience of the act of perception, the relation between perception and the perceived world as well as the awareness of the act of perception.