Neža Knez

Neža Knez was  born in Ljubljana in 1990. In year 2014 she gratuaded (sculpture) on the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, where she continues master’s program, under the mentorship of professor Jože Barši. She works in a diverse media – audio, video, photography, drawings and classical sculpture. Her work is based on a research of perceptions with different senses, playing with visibility and invisibility, dealing with question of (thinking) body: She is interested in connection between the body , the senses and the space/object/people. Is seeing already object of perception – object/thing that I see – Is what she see always inside her? She is looking for an intermediate situation, emptiness, blind spots that will never be captured in language or representation. She is trying to look different on familiar view known to everybody.  She is interested in perception even more than in view, touch or senses in general,. What is perception? Where and how perception starts and where starts the thought that thinks this perception?