Matilda Odobashi

Matilda Odobashi was born in 1988, Tirana. She graduated at the University of Arts in Tirana in 2010. Her work is a reflection upon the interpersonal relations and issues of coexistence between people living and sharing common spaces. It expresses as well a critical view upon the common senses and what is perceived as ‘normal’ in a society when it comes to relationships, concepts of love and hate, good and bad etc. Even though her main medium are drawing and installation, she works as well with painting, photography and other new medias. She has participating in several international residencies and exhibition such as Salzburger Künstverein, Salzburg, Austria; Free Home University, Lecce, Italy; Jaw Dikh, Krakow, Poland; Art Market Budapest, Budapest, Hungary; Parallel Vienna Fair, Vienna, AustriaTirana Open 1- Pamur, The University of Arts, FAB Gallery, Tirana, Albania; Kultur Kontakt, Vienna, Austria (to come in 2016) etc.