Marlena Kudlicka

Marlena Kudlicka was born in Tomaszów Lubelski, in 1973. She lives and works in Berlin, Germany. Kudlicka's work follows in the tradition of constructivist and avant-garde art, where she also derives her sculptures from architecture. She says "In my work I refer to the peripheral areas of architecture, as well as to the construction process, but also to the 1970s in my native Poland, where, in a situation of constant systemic political change, temporariness and a lack of stability were a permanent part of architecture. Most often this was a result of improvisation and limited access to building materials; so this whole temporary architecture became a 'monument of errors.' In illegally erected buildings, construction elements that leaned on each other were balanced in accordance with the principle of counterpoint. Of course this was all inevitably predestined to be fragile, and this interested me the most. In what way does fragility activate a space? Does it play a primary or secondary role? Why are certain places felt to be weak points, or can fragility, perhaps, be seen as a temporary state between instability and scarcity on the one hand, and effectiveness and function on the other?" For Kudlicka  fragility indicates a chance to reconsider the whole in relation to its history, the past and the present. Like incompleteness, fragility acts as a counterpoint and is crucial to making space complete.