Márk Fridvalszki

Márk Fridvalszki was born in Budapest and works in Leipzig and Berlin. Significant for his toolbar in 2015 are generously planned, robust geometric figures and overbearing, dominating forms with a seamless stealth yet richly detailed grey color palette. Sharp, ripping edges and borders, masculine geometry and tone, indifferent, digital shapes as well as the appropriation of Cold War graphic aesthetics are characteristic elements within my form constellations. While building on reduced elements of hi-tech design (CAD planning), the shapes are dissolving in soft gradients. An important feature of his work is a post-digital approach, which can be traced throughout my collages and installations, as well as the visual language of the fanzine Technologie und das Unheimliche. The computer-designed forms and digital surfaces conglomerate through the laser printer into analogue appearances.