Lucia Tallová

The work of Lucia Tallová represents intimate storytelling, that is narrated through the medium of painting. The author combines two contradictory visual experiences: impersonal product of the industrial society and ethereal dreamy landscape. Depicted objects are emerging from (or blurring into) empty spaces of the canvas and abstract plains of the painting act as a site of a contradictory conflict between minimal invasion and excessive decorating. Lucia Tallová is exploring the power of ornamental structures and decorative fragments, that are made using authentic artistic technique. This technique is based on application of embroideries and crochetings directly onto faces of canvases. Working with decorative laces means, that final works deal with specific visual qualities, but also with the expressing of an inner inexplicit content. Overlaying or superposition of these components determines the sentimentality, sincere nostalgia and naive decorativism of the canvases.