Lucia Luptáková

My work is an ongoing investigation of spaces around me: their character, constitution and the way we are using, experiencing and remembering them. I construct site-specific architectural sculptures/spatial installations.  My starting points are physical attributes of a place or an object, context of the situation and here out forthcoming presumptions and routines regarding behaviour and movements. By spatial interventions I create a new scenario and change the spatial experience – by doing this I pinpoint the just mentioned aspects, question and challenge them.  I'm looking for a direct connection with the perceiver: the reality of the physical and the emotional experience is penetrating, unavoidable. That is why my artworks are primarily physical constructions/sculptures to be entered and experienced by multiple senses. I manipulate the perception, the mood and the expectation of the user (the public). Through the means of determining the proportions of the work to surrounding space(s) and to a human body, the movement routes within the artwork and the fall of light, I build up suspense.