Laura Kaminskaitė

Laura Kaminskaitė (born 1984) creates traces of real and imagined events: installations, textual and graphic gestures. Her work can be best described by the expression tongue-in-cheek – like a conspiratorial wink at the viewer. Elegant forms of Kaminskaitė’s works occupy the space architecturally. Lines of ‘Its Own Unfolding Elsewhere’ (2019) turn into a supporting column. The neon light of ‘Not Yet Titled’ (2018) defines its own field of vision. The installation ‘Today’ (2017), made from shoelaces, seems to tie the observer’s eyes up in a loop. This effect is achieved not by taking strict design actions but by relying on small random movements that change one’s experience of the world subtly but irreversibly. Kaminskaitė is a graphics and sculpture graduate and in her work one can trace the influence of both these foundations – an intuitive perception of spatial form combined with attention to the plane and the signs left on it. In the artist’s virtual book ‘Ghost Bag’ (The Baltic Notebooks of Anthony Blunt, Vilnius, 2018), we find many inserts – not only illustrations or texts by invited authors but also fragments of other books with traces of their materiality. In Kaminskaitė’s works, recursion, characteristic of post-conceptual creation, turns into a powerful emotional intelligence which speaks about a world with no banalities.