Kristóf Gábor

Kristóf’s work is based on the exploration of the overlapping land between traditional visual arts and different industrial media. In the realm of high volume reproductional industries his interventions result in founding a shared autonomous platform of creation and it’s applied potentials. On the development of Kristóf’s artistic praxis was with radical infuence his parallel presence at the more conservative painting and mainly interdisciplinary and conceptual intermedia departments. From his early figurative paintings based on materials got from offset printing houses, his focus has shifted more strictly to abstraction and conceptual approaches, involving topics of image studies, ephasizing on the changing nature, role, context and notion of the image, involving factors of time and the process incorporated in the pictures of our time. The methodology developed during the work on his first solo show Offsetting became essential in his recent ongoing projects as in the series Polychrome Monochromes or Die-line Drawings, which are based on discovered possibilities arising from his experimental use of powder coating and die-cutting industries. His previous solo show Melting Point lies in the buffer zone of the very basics of painting and industries producing our everyday visual surrounding, aiming to rethink the fundamentals of the western visual epistemology.