Kristina Õllek

Kristina Õllek (b. 1989) is a visual artist based in Tallinn, Estonia. She is working in the field of photography, video and installation, with a focus on investigating contemporary visual culture as well as the actual mode of mediation of the representation process. She is interested in stretching out the boundaries of what can we see and use as of an image and space, especially now in the age of rapidly developing and highly manipulative technology. She questions the relations between space, object and image, considering the blurred context of the original and the copy. In her practice she requently uses situations when fact and fiction, synthetic and natural, copy and original intertwine with each other and become a hybrid object / matter to obtain new and reconsidered meaning. Her work is often site-sensitive and analyses the location and the format of exhibition making, questioning the display and the politics of installation in a perspective of a historical museum to an online space and future archeology. Furthermore, she's interested in the phenomenon of exhibition documentation as artifacts, notably regarding the way its position has changed in the digital era.