Katarzyna Kozyra

Katarzyna Kozyra was born in Warsaw in 1963, a sculptor, photographer, performance artist, filmmaker, author of video installations and artistic actions, graduate of the Sculpture Department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. For years Kozyra’s art has been moving the public opinion, often sparking polemics. The artist consistently questions stereotypes and subjects socio-political discourses to critical revision. She explores the area of cultural taboos and clichéd behaviors embedded in our everyday life. Although Kozyra is classified as a new media artist, her use of multiple techniques makes an attempt to label her art difficult. In 2012 she established Katarzyna Kozyra Foundation. What sets the Foundation apart from the other foundations engaging in modern art its focus on the support of women in their activities in the field of culture and art, while undertaking projects having great impact on society and art.