Juraj Gábor

Juraj Gábor (born 1985) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (2011). He commenced his studies at the Department of Statue, Object, Installation, and finished at the Inter- and Multimedia Department, Atelier of Spatial Communication with Anton Čierny. Still during his studies he spent two semesters at the Department of Painting and Other Media, Atelier of Ján Berger. He also attended drawing classes of Miloš Bodi, Marian Mudroch and Emöke Vargová. He also took part in video art lessons of Anna Daučíková. His understanding of connections between architecture and life was influenced by unique presentations by architecture theoretician Jan Tabor. Juraj enjoed very much the discussion style of lectures “Art, Politics, Memory” presented by Martin Šimečka and František Šebej. Juraj sees as one of his role models the pedagogical approach of the empathic Ladislav Čarný. Juraj also paid a study visit to Tallin, Estonia, where he graduated from the Department of Sculpture, an essential workshop for him, called Form and Sound with Lukas Kühne and classes of conceptual drawing given by Raoul Kurvitz.