József Csató

Csató developed a new painting practice, where he applies a particular collage technique – using his old, cut up canvases and a stain-and-patch like painting method.  Csató finds great joy in the recycling of his earlier works. He uses the characteristics of the earlier works, like color and signature painting technique, in order to combine something essentially and sensually new. The lively and vibrant colors are changed to deep toned and soft pastels on his rugged surfaces. The old canvases integrate in an aerial way into the heavy layers of oil paint and they create exciting “discrepancies” and accidental, amorphous phenomena. The philosophical notion of deconstruction is an important allegory for Csató's new paintings. In that matter, deconstruction means that we need to dissolve reality and its perception into layers and we need to reconsider it. Csató's whole oeuvre balances between different poles, originally abstract but seemingly figural elements, vibrant and faded colors, surfaces constructed out of layers or simple and clear gestures.