Jarema Drogowski

Jarema Drogowski was born in 1984 in Warsaw. Conceptual artist. Uses a variety of mediums to build the expression. Presents his works both in gallery and urban space. In contradiction to many artists, he doesn't think with a single medium, but that makes his art extremely comprehensive. His art never emerges as an effect of work with a particular mean of expression, technique is always adjusted to the idea, not the other way round. The viral project "Whisper Mark" has been exhibited at the Venice Biennale in 2011. It aims to introduce a use of a new punctuation mark – the whisper mark. Currently teaches at the Institute of Art Education at the Academy of Special Education Grzegorzewska. In 2012 he received his PhD in fine arts at his native Academy in Warsaw. Laureate of the scholarship of the Ministry of Arts and National Heritage "Young Poland". His works could be found in collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Warsaw and the CCA collection of conceptual art Aron and Barbara Levine's in USA.