Gideon Horváth

Gideon Horváth is an interdisciplinary visual artist based in Budapest, working mainly with sculptural installations. Conceptually he is often dealing with queer, ecological and new materialist theories. His works question anthropocentrism and dualistic worldviews, always giving space to the sensual and intuitive ways of experiencing his topics.In his sculptural installations he mainly works with beeswax, which he uses as a queer material as it is both very sensitive and highly resilient. The wax has the qualities of being ambivalent, fluid and constantly becoming, which are notions that are in Horváth’s central interests. He is also part of the xtro realm artist group with Anna Zilahi and Rita Süveges, co-curating a multitude of programs since 2017. They created a knowledge sharing and transdisciplinary platform that brings together contemporary art with theoretical, scientific and philosophical works on climate change.