Gergely Kiss

Gergely Kiss uses Instagram as a platform to work on ideas. A work gains its importance only through its viewer - that ́s why he  posts all his works on Instagram which is ideal with its huge visual po- tential, its speed and its permanent flow. What happens between the  work and the Insta user is a form of communication. Gergely Kiss is interested in the digital image and the question on which principles it works: what visible und invisible grid systems are hiding behind it, how does the individual behave to the system and how are its implications on the perception of abstract painting. A grid creates a framework of possibilities. And here the questions are:  How do you behave in this system? Which possibilites do you have insi- de the system? How can you match grid system and the individual, how  do they behave together or against each other? As another part of his practice Gergely Kiss creates scupltures, which he does not comprehend as a stand-alone artwork but as a documentation of his working process.