Flaka Haliti

Reflections on the meaning of democracy, borders, freedom and mobility constitute core themes in Flaka Haliti’s practice. The intriguing character of Haliti’s works consists in the subjective approach she takes to political issues, with an emphasis that is always on the personal that becomes the subject of the political. The artist's works are persuasive through the very absence of explicit simulacra, therefore managing to suggest images, which through their metaphoric quality offer an object of projection or screen for subjective experience. At the same time, the complex nature of her themes — often including emotional concepts such as love, isolation and loss — withdraw from any direct imagery, to hover somewhere between the signifier and the signified. Haliti lives in Munich, Vienna, and Pristina, three cities that have enabled a nurturing ground for her practice. The artist belongs to the young generation of Kosovar artists whose practice is embedded in a global rather than local discourse. While reflecting on her personal background, Haliti at the same time also challenges its conceptual framework