Emir Šehanović

Emir Šehanović ESH was born in 1981 in Tuzla, Bosnia & Herzegovina. In the late 90s he was already an active participant of the local street art scene under the pseudonym Aorta. His biography is filled with multi-faced engagements - from street art projects, over solo and collective exhibitions, all the way to foundation of the artistic group Manufaktura in Tuzla, as well as the regional initiative Art of Asfalt. Esh received international recognition for his mural projects, video, digital prints and multimedia. Pagan tradition, superstition and the occult are some of the constant themes present in his work, while collages and asamblages are his favorite instruments. The final result may be a collage, print or spatial intervention, based in the digital domain but intruded by specific materials which have a deep cultural value for the author. The space receives a special treatment in his works, whether it is an intervention in public space or a classic format of a painting.