Cătălin Bădărău

Cătălin Bădărău (b. 1981) is a sculptor and Assistant Professor in the Sculpture Department of the National University of Arts Bucharest’s Faculty of Fine Arts. His sculptural approaches deal with expressions of the human body under pressure, suspended or submerged in liquids. His works are part of carefully crafted installations, directly interacting with their environment. Carved or molded in polyurethane or synthetic resins, the parts of the imagined human bodies are hung, sunk or laid down on different metal structures, materializing the idea of a heavy metal pressure on the softness of human flesh. Many of his works depict persons with physical and psychic disabilities in oder to reveal today’s forms of violence, with its multiple physical and psychological effects. While being the locus where his disturbing vision takes shape, Bădărău’s studio is also a space of social events, meeting with friends, having fun, listening to music, and cooking.