Anita Timea Oravecz

Anita Timea Oravecz, born in Budapest, graduated at 2007 BFA, Accademia di Belle Arti, Department of Sculpture, Venice and Master Student by Professor Olafur Eliasson, Institut für Raumexperimente (2009-2011), Examination at 2011 February. Over more than eighteen years she has been living in different West European countries, being fascinated by cultural and social approaches, so diverse from those she experienced during her childhood in Hungary, under the socialist regime. Combining her background and the experiences faced as an immigrant, she developed an interest for the relationship between personal identity, culture of origin and need for integration. Her projects are usually connected to the socio-cultural context she live in and inspired by her daily life. The urban space is crucial in her work as well as the connections between the political, cultural and historical context.