Andrea Knezović

Andrea Knezović is a visual artist, researcher and writer with an MRes in Artistic Research from the University of Amsterdam and a BA from the AVA-Academy of Visual Arts Ljubljana. Her artistic practice plays with semiotics and dialectics of value by examining — through poetic gesturing — correlations between institutional and identity politics. Knezović’s research interests centre around the politics of care, its institutional implications and its mythological aspect. Her practice can be understood as a close reading of subversive, liminal landscapes in which the individual negotiates the ideological mechanisms of cognitive capitalism within a wider socio-political framework. She investigates various identity protocols by probing different systems of self-care, strategies for re-imagining institutional mythologies and collective psycho-cultural health. One of Knezović’s continuous artistic pursuits examines how we can through creative experimentation, non-canonized educational methodologies and trans-cultural dialogue create better institutional and intimate care infrastructure. She uses speculative fiction as a forensic method to excavate and design research narratives.