Andrea Knezović

Andrea Knezović is a visual artist born in 1990 in Zagreb, Croatia. In 2014 she graduated with a B.A. (Hons) in Visual Arts from A.V.A-Academy of Visual Arts, Ljubljana. Her field of interest expands to performing arts, mixed media, video and photography. Currently based between Ljubljana and Zagreb, Knezović is an artist who explores threshold states and ambiguities within social contexts. She uses her creative process as an instrument for reconstructing social paradigms involving bio-politics, body politics and liminality. Knezović’s works bear strong political references and are characterized by the use of everyday objects, the corporate world and identity recognition within a middle class setting. Andrea Knezović’s work underlines the relationship between existentialism and abstraction within artistic creation. Her primary interest is to play with symbolic language and intuitive narratives, while reflecting the existing environment and its conditions. Knezović conceives of her works as artistic rites of passage through which personal impressions and sincere communication are between the artwork and the viewer. Looking at her surroundings through the prism of an artist, Knezović deliberately invites the sentiment of indeterminacy which translates into the general atmosphere of her artistic expression.