Alexander Tinei

Alexander Tinei is a Moldovan artist, who has worked and lived in Hungary for more than a decade now. The starting point for all of his works is some photo found in the media. After that he places his chosen characters into a new context, making their bodies unique via vein-like, colorful, stigmatic signs. The details painted with almost anatomical precision are contrasted with often roughly made, abstract surfaces. Besides his emblematic oil paintings, he also creates collages, acrylic and aquarelle paintings, graphite works and installations, but besides the canvas he primarily works on paper, and recently he started repainting photographs. The main focus of his art is the relationship between time and the human body; the surroundings and objects rarely play a significant role. On the other hand, time is presented in its permanence, as the bodies removed from their original context, the photos and images, always appear in some kind of a strange, gloomy, dream-like, timeless space.