Adam Vackar

Adam Vackar (b.1979) is based in Prague. In the long run Adam Vackar creates a chronicle of life and technology, history and myth, poetry and politics, deploys disparate images with swampy hybrid creatures, once repossessed and contradicted by imperious civilisation’s desires for power and expansion. From his educational and community-oriented project based on an ecological crisis in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, his work gradually transformed into an ecologically conscious dystopia of the future. His latest projects deal with the theme of environmental crisis, apocalypse, the beauty of toxicity and the vanity of destruction. In focus of Adam Vackar’s work stands the production for the mass society as the new matter provided for a new materialism; devastation caused by industrialization; technologies of mass production and distribution; turn of living tissue into a plastic medium, transformation of landscapes. He is currently working on a vision of technical and spiritual synthesis for the future. He is upcycling materials and realizing his projects with close to zero emissions. Adam Vackar is co-fouder of Prague-based collective Hope Recycling Station, which organizes lectures and projects by international artists, curators, writers and philosophers.