Ádám Albert

Ádám Albert was born in Veszprém, 1975. Ádám Albert is an analytical engineer of the meaning. His earlier works, which already came into action on the edge of artistic institutions or even beyond them, already told about such a conceptual way of creation in the course of which the artist reflects on a process besides creating art. During this process, the work of art is born not just as a thing but also as the abstract carrier of the meaning of art. One of the main questions of his enamelled panels (that can be interpreted as laboratory street-art) referred to presentation as art, that is, how the place of a work of art and its institutional position influence the viewer’s conditioned sight. What differs two forms from each other, art from non-art if they have the same bearing surfaces that impregnate the same texture. Is art as sign able to point towards a meaning beyond itself? The artist goes even further this time: he questions the possibility of medialization of art’s abstract code system. The components and building blocks of his works are such pictograms which examine the potential of deliverance of art’s meaning. His pictures, which have typographical affinity, set up the basics of a visual framework and also lay orientation points for the audience in the mechanism of generating meaning. Since art can be understood as retinal machinery whose bare virtual automatisms come into being in the gallery. The artist uses cleaned channels without technics and technology which do not include any disturbing element. There is no interference, even error message is composed into the system. Every drawn line of the artist is determined and reasoned from the respect of graphic connotation. The clear mechanisms of the meaning’s deliverance and reception throb in these works filled with minimalism and monochronicity.