Vladimir Janchevski

Vladimir Janchevski (b. Skopje, 1984) is a curator, author and independent researcher at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, working in the field of both contemporary art and visual studies. His research interests include interdisciplinary art practices and image theory, art and politics, iconoclasm and ‘image wars’. Since 2004, he has coorganised, curated and participated in a number of events: group exhibitions, collaborative projects, lectures and public debates. From 2011, he has collaborated with the Centre for Visual Studies in Skopje, participated in several international conferences and organised public lectures in Skopje. He is the author of more than 50 texts on contemporary art and visual culture. In 2012 he joined the Kooperacija initiative and has participated in the development and implementation of all projects/activities (lectures, debates and exhibitions) and in the exhibition of his individual and collective works.