Vesselina Sarieva

The main focus of Vesselina Sarieva’s work is on promoting and supporting Bulgarian contemporary art locally and internationally, audience development and establishing a new vision for Plovdiv as a cultural center on national and international level. She approaches these goals through an integrated model including her three organisations: SARIEV Contemporary, Open Art Foudnation and Artnewscafe – a place for cultural events and library for international art press. In 2004 she and Katrin Sariev founded Sariev Gallery, initially as a center for conceptual ceramics and photography which in 2011 re-directed towards contemporary art under the name SARIEV Contemporary. In 2008 they initiated the Night of Museums and Galleries (today known as Night/Plovdiv) - one of the largest cultural events in Bulgaria. Vesselina Sarieva is founder and director of Open Arts Foundation – a non-profit organization based in Plovdiv. Its activities are divided in three programs: Night/Plovdiv, educational program for contemporary art and a program for urbanism and art in public space.  Throughout the years Vesselina Sarieva initiated and organized with Open Arts Foundation numerous projects such as Introduction to Contemporary Art (2011-), Alternative Map of Plovdiv (2013-), Artnewscafe Bulletin (2009-), Collectors’ Forum (2011-). With SARIEV Contemporary she is actively working for promoting Bulgarian contemporary art abroad.