Mária Janušová

Mária Janušová is a curator and art historian based in Bratislava, Slovakia. In 2016, she graduated with Master´s Degree in art history from Comenius University in Bratislava. Currently she is a PhD. student at the Department of Theory and History of Art at Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava. During 2019, she is a member of HIT Gallery team which prepares a year-long program titled Golden Times for a regional museum of art - the Jozef Kollár Gallery in Banská Štiavnica. Between 2017 and 2019, she worked as a curator in Nitra Gallery. From 2014 to 2016, she was a gallery assistant at Krokus Gallery in Bratislava. In 2015, she received the Scholarship of Radislav Matuštík – the prize for young curators awarded by Bratislava City Gallery. In her curatorial practice she is interested in making exhibitions as a kind of environment with a specific architecture and sensitive composition of exhibited artworks. Within her research she is focused on art institutions, museum studies, critical theory of museum, institutional critique and post-colonial discourse aimed at the situation in post-socialist countries.