Ieva Astahovska

Ieva Astahovska is an art scholar, curator and critic based in Riga. Currently she works at the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art, where she is leading research projects on the art from the Socialist and Post-Socialist periods, and at non-formal education projects on current contemporary art processes. Astahovska is a Guest Lecturer at The Art Academy of Latvia (LMA). Her research interest include subjects such as contemporarity and historicity, relations between history and memory, peripheries, art and ecology. One of her recently curated exhibition is called Decolonial Ecologies. Understanding Postcololonial after Socialism and it was held in Riga Art Space in 2022–23. She has also edited a number of research-based publications including Valdis Āboliņš: The avantgarde, mailart, the New Left and cultural relations during the Cold War (LCCA, 2019), and Revisiting Footnotes: Footprints of the Recent Past in the Post-Socialist Region (LCCA, 2015).