Fruzsina Kigyós

Fruzsina Kigyós (b. 1988) is a curator based in Budapest with a specialization in contemporary art. She pursued art management and art market studies, then turned towards a theoretical formation with an MA in aesthetics. She has an extensive experience working with commercial galleries, auction houses, museums, magazines and non-profit organizations in Hungary and abroad. She is committed to identifying and developing projects that will challenge the canons of contemporary art in order to reflect more accurately the multitude of voices that artistic creation entails, and to make art history more inclusive in terms of gender, age, ethnicity, geographic and cultural regions. She is the co-founder of Easttopics, a platform and hub dedicated to the contemporary art scene of Central Eastern Europe, and of Flash Show, a debuting art fair focusing on the galleries of the region. She presently acts as the deputy head of the Curatorial Department of the Ferenczy Museum Centre.