Dóra Hegyi

Dóra Hegyi (b. 1971) is a curator, art historian and critic based in Budapest. Between 1996-2005 she worked as a curator at Ludwig Museum, where she initiated the Project Room in 1999. She worked as the project leader and the the director of tranzit.hu. She was a founding member of the group KMKK (Two Artist, Two Curators) and founding member of the Curators’ Association Budapest. Hegyi organizes exhibitons, discursive, educational, research, and publication projects in both institutional and non-institutional contexts. She co-curated Manifesta 8 in Spain in 2010 and Report on the Construction of a Spaceship Module at the New Museum in New York in 2014, among other projects and exhibitions. One of her recent project was 1971 Parallel Nonsynchronism which was held in Kiscell Museum in 2018-2019.