Brigita Reinert

Brigita Reinert (b. 1990) is an art historian and critic. Reinert currently works as the Curator of Public Programmes at Kumu Art Museum and she is also a Board Member of the Tallinn Print Triennial Foundation. She has a background in philosophy and has furthered her education in art education, art history and theory in Budapest. She has worked at the Estonian National Pavilion at the Venice Biennale and later at Raster gallery in Warsaw during an internship. She was also involved as a curator/project manager, editor, and translator; and participated—as well as Marten Esko—in projects such as the art project/magazine Uus Materjal and Uus Number! (New Material and New Number!), and the art festival Kilometre of Sculpture. She is mostly interested in interdisciplinarity and linking contemporary art practices to other cultural fields.